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Creative Flow is a creative arts therapy program: art therapy, music therapy, and pscyhodrama, founded to help meet the needs of the community by providing a supportive environment  within which to strengthen the creative capacities of individuals who are on a path of growth, healing, or change.  In addition to therapeutic services, we provide supervision, training, and workshops in psychodrama, art therapy,

and music therapy for students and professionals. 

We serve Somerset County and Central New Jersey.  

Trainings, supervision and workshops extend to

Northern New Jersey and New York City. 

Our office is located in Hillsborough, NJ.


Our Physical Office  has reopned! In-person and telehealth sessions are available.


Self-Care and Create

Please remember to take care of yourself during this challenging time.  Here is a little note from the American Art Therapy Association.

   "As we deal with transitions to protect ourselves by working at home and limiting contact with others, we need to take care of ourselves mentally and emotionally. We can't pour from an empty cup. I encourage everyone to 'fill your cup' in and or all of the following ways:


1. BREATHE slowly and deeply. Use your full lung capacity. We have to breathe anyway, so make it count. Deep breathing can engage your parasympathetic nervous system to lower stress hormones.


2. EXERCISE take a walk, do yoga, chair exercises, run, whatever makes you feel good.


3. MAKE A GRATITUDE LIST write down all the things, people you are grateful for.


4. GO OUTSIDE enjoy nature and the beauty that surrounds you, take in some fresh air, hug a tree, listen to the birds singing.


5. CATCH UP on tasks around the house, or that have been sitting around for a while, keep busy.


6. PRAY, meditate, and use other tools to build your faith and resilience.


7. KEEP IN TOUCH with one another by email or phone, video, reach out, share personal stories. Take this opportunity to 'go viral' creatively.


8. CREATE to themes on or colors of stress, fear, safety, change, hope, make a mandala, or complete a project that you've meant to get back to, keep an art journal or make an altered book; we know how beneficial this can be to help us adjust, heal, learn and discover.


9. EXPLORE the use of digital apps focused on relaxation and stress management; many that are available for free on your smartphone and can be additional resources for support."

Music Therapy Mini Documentary

Click here to view a recently created brief documentary about ways in which music therapy can help children and youth who are on the autism spectrum:

Who Benefits from Art Therapy?

770 US 206 

Hillsborough, NJ 08869




*Office located at the corner of Homestead Road

   and US 206


*See Resource Page for document download

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